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Accessing New Seed Varieties

New tools and techniques influence how new varieties are developed and can also shave a little off the timeline.   The development of new crop varieties in Canada and elsewhere… Read More

Industry Consolidation

The face of the many large agri-business companies in Canada is changing. Dow and DuPont recently concluded their merger, ChemChina is currently finalizing their purchase of Syngenta and Bayer is… Read More

SGS acquires BioVision Seed Research Ltd.

SGS announced today that it has acquired BioVision Seed Research Ltd., a seed, grain and soil testing laboratory serving the agricultural markets in Western Canada and beyond. BioVision is headquartered… Read More

The Next-Generation Seed System

The Next-Generation Seed System

The CSGA and CSTA are two of six associations working to revamp how the industry functions. If the seed regulatory system were an ocean, the Seed Synergy Collaboration Project can… Read More

Taxation Stress Builds

Taxation changes in Alberta and across Canada continue to cause confusion and stress with farmers. To help make sense of it all, Alberta Seed Guide turned to Rebecca Sanford, CPA,… Read More

Agricultural Research Up in the Air

When the Alberta government released its provincial budget in March, it was met with mixed emotions by those in the agriculture sector. While the budget contained an increase of one… Read More