Morinville Seed Cleaning Co-op Ltd.

Hours of Operation
Office hours: 8 am to 4 pm
Plant hours: 6 am to 10 pm (flexible)

Registered Seed Establishment No. 408

Canadian Seed Institute - Accredited Seed Establishment

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9407 - 100 Street
Morinville, Alberta, Canada T8R 1R2

1 (855) 939-4021
(780) 939-2605
[email protected]

Your Way to Cleaner Seed Products

About Us
The Morinville Seed Cleaning Plant comprises of two wings processing cereals, canola, flax, canary seed, specialty and pulse crops.

  • We have three scales providing quick and efficient truck activity.
  • Our bagging system can load trucks, containers, and boxcars from both wings with mini bulk or any size bagged material.
  • We can also load bulk containers and railcars. Rail service is provided by CN on a weekly basis with an eight car spot allotment - 800 Tonne rail side storage capacity. We also book producer cars.
  • Our close proximity to Edmonton allows for alternative freight methods at very competitive rates.
  • We have two certified graders.
  • We do moisture tests and send seed samples to two local labs.
  • Our marketing department buys and sells screenings and feed grains.
  • We sell Pony oats bulk or bagged.

Two Wings to Process Seed
Flow patterns are very flexible allowing for superior quality standards. Both wings are equipped with the following:

  • Buffer
  • Indent
  • Air and Screen Machines
  • Gravity tables
  • Spirals

Cereal Wing Pulse Wing
The cereal wing is of conventional design.
Storage capacity is:
  • Rough product - 300 Tonnes
  • Clean product - 525 Tonnes
  • Screenings - 165 Tonnes
Our pulse wing is designed to minimize product damage utilizing air pressure systems and special receivers to convey the product. Our clean seed bins are equipped with pea ladders. Storage capacity in this wing is:
  • Rough product - 275 Tonnes
  • Clean product - 400 Tonnes
  • Screenings - 165 Tonnes
Value-Added Services

  • We are very successful at upgrading earth tagged product to human consumption quality.
  • We are internationally recognized to process certified organic product with Global Organic Alliance Inc.

For more information, call or stop by. The coffee pot is always on.