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South Peace Grain Cleaning Co-op
The South Peace Grain Cleaning Co-op is located
3 miles east of Dawson Creek on Highway 49.

Locally Farmer Owned

Manager: Jarvis Taylor
  • Storage for 25,000 bushels. (10,000 of that for clean seed)

  • Specialize in treating all cereals.

  • We specialize in Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye, Peas and Canola.

  • We also specialize in doing Oats (double polishing them).

  • Line runs 500 bushels per hour.

  • We run 2 gravity tables.

  • Plant does 550,000 bushels a year.
Picture of the Plant
  • Plant established in 1960 rebuilt in 1987 to the new facility.
  • Plant employs certified operators, one of which is a certified seed grader.
  • Plant has 2 scales ...
    one 85 foot; and
    one 60 foot
    both government certified.
  • Our plant can handle Super B's, tandems and 45 foot trailers.

Box 758, Dawson Creek, BC, V1G 4H2
PHONE: 250-782-7820 FAX: 250-782-1646
EMAIL: [email protected]

Our Coffee is always on and we like having visitors.
Please feel free to drop by and visit our fine facility.

Member of the Alberta AgFood Alliance