Taber Seed Cleaning Co-op Association Ltd. Taber Seed Cleaning
Co-op Association Ltd.

Box 4115
Taber, Alberta,

(403) 223-4141
(403) 223-4689
Joe Hanson
Kyle Lickiss

A.E. #500


Taber Seed Cleaning Co-op Ass'n Ltd. was started in 1957 and rebuilt in 2000. We are located 8 km east of Taber, Alberta. We have 2 employees that have their Grader, Operator and Pesticide licenses. We are setup for the new generation farmer.

The board of directors believe that it is the best interest of our association to keep the staff up to date on all aspects of seed cleaning equipment and seed treating chemicals available.

  • 588 Crippen wind and screen
  • Ideal indents
  • 5620 Crippen gravity table
  • S1000 seed treater
  • G3 seed treater
  • 100 foot scale
  • Spirals
  • 14 foot clearance throughout plant
  • All wheatland bins in plant
  • All bins have bean ladders
  • 3000 bph main leg
  • Rail car loading by conveyors
  • 45 foot roof height for end dump trailers
  • Cereals
  • Canola, Flax
  • Peas, Beans, Lentils, and Chick Peas
  • Safflower, Coriander, Cat Nip, Grasses, Dill
  • We will try any other crops
  • Vitavax Single and Dual for cereals
  • Vitaflo 280, crown, and apron for peas and chick peas
  • Dividend XL and vitaflo for cereals
  • Other water based chemicals available on request
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