2016 Organic Agriculture in the Prairies Report now Available


The Prairie Organic Grain Initiative (POGI) has released the 2016 Organic Agriculture in the Prairies Report. It details organic operations including primary producers and processors/handlers, organic acreage and crop types, and province-specific trends and statistics.

Some findings:

    • The number of certified operations in the Prairies reached a new milestone of 1,632 in 2016.
    • Organic acreage expanded from 1.4 million to 1.6 million between 2015 and 2016.
    • The number of certified organic crop producers is the highest it’s been since 2010, at 1,442.
    • Alberta has the greatest increase in crop producers in the country, recording an additional 70 producers in 2016.

The third annual edition of the report was created in response to the demand for organic sector information specific to the Prairie provinces.

Organic certification bodies across Canada provided operation and acreage data from 2016 to the Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA), who in turn compiled, analyzed, and produced the report, with support and insights from POGI and sector experts.

Download the 2016 Organic Agriculture in the Prairies Report. It can also be accessed on pivotandgrow.com.

Source: Alberta Agriculture and Forestry