Alberta Barley Announces Results of its Nomination Period, Including New Directors

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Barley, Business

Following the November 1 deadline for nominations, Alberta Barley welcomes new and returning directors, and will be holding an election in region 3 to fill another director position.

Representing all regions, Tara Sawyer from Acme joins the board as director-at-large by acclamation, replacing Brian Sewell from High River. Alberta Barley thanks Sewell for his service to farmers. Neil Gorda from Willingdon was also acclaimed as a director for region 4. Gorda is entering into his final term as an Alberta Barley director.

In region 3, an election will be held for candidates Connie Matson from Wetaskiwin and Dick Wymenga from Leslieville. The election will take place at the region 3 Next Level Farming meeting on November 13 in Lacombe. Both Matson and Wymenga are ending their current terms as region 3 delegates. The successful region 3 candidate will replace Jason Lenz who has served his final term on the board. Alberta Barley thanks Lenz for his dedication, including serving several years as chair before passing the torch to current chair, Dave Bishop.

Alberta Barley’s nomination period also resulted in two delegates by acclamation including region 1 delegate Brad Berger from Nanton and region 2 delegate Roy Newman from Blackie.

Alberta Barley has 34 delegate positions with vacancies currently available in all regions. Farmers are encouraged to nominate their peers during the Next Level Farming meeting for their region. More information about Next Level Farming meetings can be found here.

Source: Alberta Barley