Alberta Crop Yields Down 39 Per Cent From Five Year Average

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Crop Production, Weather

While crop yields aren’t as bad as they were two weeks ago, they are still down substantially from historic averages, the Sept. 7 provincial crop report says. Dryland yields are estimated at 39 per cent below the five-year averages and 37 per cent below the 10-year averages.

The best yields are in the north west region, while the south region is the worst. The average yields for potatoes on dryland and irrigated fields are estimated at 11 and 15 tons per acre, respectively, the report says. For sugar beets, the average yield is estimated at 28.9 tonnes per acre, while for dry beans it is 26.2 cwt per acre.

Crop quality varies across the province. Provincially, quality for malt barley, the top two grades of spring and durum wheat, oats and dry peas are below the five-year averages, while feed barley and the top two grades of canola are above average. There are reports of some greens in canola, while some are being graded as sample, due to sprouts in pods, the report says.

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