Alberta Seeding Almost Done, Crops Now Emerging

by | Jun 4, 2021 | Crop Production, Weather

Photo: Eric Thiessen from Pixabay

Dry weather pushed Alberta seeding to almost complete at 99 per cent of the crop now in the ground, the June 1 provincial crop report says. A week before, planting was at 90 per cent done.

Seeding process is slightly ahead of last year’s 93 per cent, and the 10 year average of 94 per cent. Crops with acres still to be planted are mainly feed grains (barley, oats, and mixed grain) for silage.

Good crop emergence is being reported in most areas of the province, the report notes. Overall, 74 per cent of the crops are now above ground with 81 per cent of spring wheat, 82 per cent of durum, 70 per cent of barley, and 65 per cent of canola out of the ground.

Surface soil moisture has been impacted by the low amounts of precipitation, the report says.

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