b'special cropsperformance trials and grower directoryPulse Regional Variety Trials for the 2019 Growing SeasonONE OF THE PILLARS of best management practices for every crop is selecting one or more varieties that are well-suited to your growing environment and spread production risk. Following many years of funding regional variety trials (RVTs) across the province, the Alberta Pulse Growers (APG) has taken on a more direct role in the publication of variety informationZone 5to ensure that Alberta producers continue to have current, pertinent data relevant to their farms.Each year, the protocols for seeding, weed, insect and disease management, pre-harvest and harvest management areZone 4reviewed and standardized to ensure consistency of results. In 2019, 16 seed companies submitted entries for testing at up to 20 locations across Alberta and northern British Columbia. APG, the Alberta Seed Growers (ASG), Alberta Seed Processors (ASP) and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, in partnership with these companies are pleased to provide these tables to empower farmers to select the best varieties for their operations. Zone 3The tables in this publication report the yield data by geographical area (please see the map). Yield of the check variety is indicated in bold, with test varieties reported as a percentage of that check variety. All sites were inspected numerous times during the growing season and the data wereZone 2statistically analyzed to ensure validity. Please be aware that direct variety comparisons should only be made with the check. This is because the dataset is unbalanced over time, meaning that as new varieties enter the trials, those that have been tested for several years are discontinued. Unfortunately, it is notZone 1possible to continue testing all varieties for indefinite lengths of time. Also be aware that these tables are different from those appearing in the Spring 2020 edition of the Alberta Seed Guide, as only those varieties actually tested in 2019 were reported inAdditional information and specifics on management of the that issue. pulse variety trials, including testing site information, can be found on the Alberta Pulse Growers website www.albertapulse.com/rvt or on the APG app in both Android and Apple formats. AAC BARRHEAD PEAS We encourage you to check out these media!An early maturing, medium size, human consumption yellow pea. Questions about these charts or general pulse agronomy? Call your CANSEED Dealer: Email Nevin Rosaasen (nrosaasen@ albertapulse.com) or Jenn Galloway Seeds Konieczny Seeds Walker ([email protected]) or talk to us on Twitter @Fort Saskatchewan, AB Mannville, AB APGResearch and @APGExtension.780-998-3036 780-581-5693Hadland Seed Farm Ltd. Ricks Pedigreed SeedBaldonnel, BC Barrhead, AB250-793-9746 780-674-6713Dealer inquiries can be made by calling780-674-67138seed.ab.ca'