b'PLANT PROTEIN ALLIANCE OF ALBERTAPlant Protein Alliance of Alberta Striving for a Paradigm Shift in Alberta AgricultureThe PPAAs goal is to make plant protein a key economic driver of Albertas economy. To get there, the alliance must change the industrys current mindset, thereby removing the biggest challenge to significant new investment.PLANT PROTEIN PROCESSING is one of the newerandMeat industry giants, including Tyson, Cargill and Maple most excitingagricultural value-added opportunities inLeaf, have each announced investments in alternative protein Alberta. Open any Canadian newspaper these days and youllR&D, products and start-up companies. Meanwhile, new likely see a news story about plant proteins. A&W sold out ofannouncements of plant protein investments in pet foods, its Beyond Meat burger barely a month after it hit the menu inpharmaceuticals and beauty products hit the news daily. With 2018, making the pea and beet-based burger the biggest evermarket demand for plant proteins ballooning and global launch for Canadas second largest hamburger chain. Almost allprocessing capacity still relatively low, countries around the other restaurants have since jumped on the protein alternativeworld are scrambling to draw as much processing investment as bandwagon, unveiling their own non-meat menu items inthey can capture. speedy succession.The Plant Protein Alliance of Alberta (PPAA) wants Alberta farmers to benefit from the huge and growing opportunities in plant protein fractionation and processing. Since its inception over a year ago, the PPAA has been working from every angle to encourage plant protein investment in Alberta.The world is clamouring for more plant protein, says Allison Ammeter, chair of both the PPAA and Pulse Canada. The issue AGT Foods is your trusted buyer, processoris not going to be whether the demand is met, but whether it will and exporter of beans, lentils, chickpeas,be met by processing plants in Canada. peas, durum, canola and specialty crops. Despite the mainstreaming of plant protein processing, Canada currently exports nearly 95 per cent of the agricultural products it grows as raw commodities. Im not asking for zero per cent: I still want to feed the world, says Ammeter. When were shipping away raw products, were shipping away jobs, were shipping away GDP, and were Lentils Chickpeas Peas Faba Beans shipping away intellectual capacityand then were buying it Introducing all back again at full cost. We can be so much more.The PPAA exists to help build Alberta into the processing powerhouse Ammeter believes the province can be. The PPAAs mission is to facilitate the development of a diverse, profitable A premium tool that lets producersand sustainable plant protein and plant ingredient processing take control of marketing their industry in Alberta: in short, to position Alberta as the single best pulses, oilseeds and crops.place in the world for anyone looking to invest in plant protein Learn more at processing. www.agt4producers.com In addition to clean, natural resources, excellent grower expertise, and globally-recognized food quality, Canada is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for plant protein because it already grows a large volume of protein crops. Given the cost of shipping, it makes sense to process near where the primary products are produced.6seed.ab.ca'