118 | Advancing Seed in Alberta EQUIPMENT MARKETPLACE Spring 2019 www.seed.ab.ca C O S T E F F E C T I V E , VA L U E A D D E D 519-669-4698 [email protected] www.greentronics.com Durable, Compact Stainless Steel Housing; Sealed Weatherproof Sensor AUTOMATIC BOOM HEIGHT CONTROL FOR NEW AND USED PULL TYPE & SELF-PROPELLED SPRAYERS COMPLETE SYSTEMS FROM JUST $ 4950! ORDER EARLY & SAVE UP TO 10% CHOOSE FROM 3 OPERATING MODES: Bare Ground • Partial Canopy • Full Canopy ISOBUS COMPATIBLE OPTION: Less cab clutter. Easier menu system SMART SELF-CALIBRATION: Automatically adjusts to the sprayers’ hydraulic performance LONG RANGE SENSORS: Choose from 2-5 sensor systems • Fits ALL sprayers with electric-over-hydraulic controls • Few components, works with existing valves - DIY install! FEATURES: WORK FASTER, SAFER & SAVE • Save the operator; much less fatigue & stress • Save time in the field; work faster • Save the booms; reduce impact with ground & crop • Save chemical; reduce drift and spray on target ADVANCED! EASY TO USE!