119 www.seed.ab.ca | spring.2019 For Marketplace advertising inquiries, please contact [email protected] brandt.ca 1-866-427-2638 REBATES! Brandt is offeringcustomersspecialrebates onequipmentthroughouttheyear. Visitthanksabillion.cafordetails. Farming is a competitive business. You’ve got to have versatile, high-performance equipment like Brandt’s Field GrainBelts if you want to run at the front of the pack. Available in both Top Drive and S-Drive configurations, these belts are the fastest, most efficient conveyors in their class. Capable of moving up to 14,000 bushels per hour, Brandt Field GrainBelts make getting your crop from truck to air cart or from storage system to truck look easy. The result? You get the top-performing conveyor in the industry and enjoy years of worry-free productivity from Brandt. That’s Powerful Value. Delivered. LEADTHEFIELD.