Taber Seed Cleaning Co-operative Associaton Ltd. FINCASTLE, ALBERTA 403-223-4141 GRASSY LAKE, ALBERTA 587-220-6781 Joe Hanson Manager Email: [email protected] We have 2 lines of equipment capable of cleaning up to 600 bushels per hour of seed. We are a Registered Seed Establishment thru CFIA, CSI. AWSA certified for treating seed, we apply Syngenta and Bayer seed treatment products. Equipment Services Processing Wind and Screens Pedigreed Seed Hemp Indents Commercial Cleaning Cereals Gravity Tables Human Consumption Pulses Color Sorters Dockage Cleaning Oil Seeds De Bearder Bagging Coriander Seed Treating Contracting Pinto and Black Beans Processing of pedigreed seed for Willms Seeds, 403-634-4155, Grassy Lake, AB. Carl’s Ag Ventures, 403-654-5094, Hays, AB Quattro Ventures, 403-545-2222, Bow Island, AB. Airth Farms, 403-501-3688, Brooks, AB. Mland Farming Company, 403-894-1234, Purple Springs, AB. Corns Bros Farms 2016, 403-655-2464 Grassy Lake, AB You grow it, We clean it FINCASTLE, ALBERTA