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Apply Today to be a Future Influencer

The Canadian Seed Trade Association is once again sponsoring Future Influencers to attend and be featured at the GrowCanada conference. Bright, confident, enthusiastic and articulate – these are the characteristics of… Read More

Participate in the 2018 Wheat Surveys

Insect technologists with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry and applied research associations are about to do their biggest surveys of the year, and they are looking for wheat producers to volunteer… Read More

Harvested Crop Samples

With harvest underway in Alberta, a reminder that a step to marketing is knowing the product that you have to offer. Neil Blue, provincial crop market analyst with Alberta Agriculture… Read More

Frost Hits Canola. Do I Swath?

This is the question for many canola growers Sept. 4 as frost (in some areas heavy and long-lasting) hit parts of Alberta over night. Start with these steps: —Check standing… Read More