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Harvested Crop Samples

With harvest underway in Alberta, a reminder that a step to marketing is knowing the product that you have to offer. Neil Blue, provincial crop market analyst with Alberta Agriculture… Read More

Frost Hits Canola. Do I Swath?

This is the question for many canola growers Sept. 4 as frost (in some areas heavy and long-lasting) hit parts of Alberta over night. Start with these steps: —Check standing… Read More

Represent Canola Growers in Alberta

The Alberta Canola Producers Commission is seeking four canola growers to serve as directors on the board of directors for a three year term. This year, directors are needed in… Read More

AgriProfit$ expands in 2019

The AgriProfit$ program offers customized business analysis to help Alberta producers maximize profits and lower costs for their farms at no charge. Anatoliy Oginskyy, senior production economist with Alberta Agriculture… Read More