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Participate in the 2019 Wheat Surveys

Harvested wheat fields are needed for the upcoming annual wheat midge and wheat stem sawfly surveys. Insect technologists with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry and applied research associations are about to… Read More

Harvested Crop Samples

With harvest soon to get underway in Alberta, a reminder that a step to marketing is knowing the product that you have to offer. “Producers should be taking samples of… Read More

Frost Hits Canola. What Do You Do?

Default to waiting. Don’t make a snap decision to swath. Before taking any harvest action, start with this sequence: —Check standing canola the morning after a frost but wait at… Read More

Hail Damage To Pods

The later hail occurs in the season, the more damage it can do to yield. Canola can keep flowering to compensate from hail that occurs during flowering. And plants that… Read More