Content by Marc Zienkiewicz

Beyond Breeding: 2019 PGDC Update

The 2019 meeting of the Prairie Grain Development Committee saw breeders focus not just on how they do their work, but why — and what the implications are for the… Read More

The Scoop on Seed Synergy

An attempt to forge a next-generation seed system for Canada is gaining speed. Here’s what you need to know about what’s happening. Canada’s seed industry has come together under the… Read More

Is Intercropping The Future?

Lethbridge-based Eric Bremer, head of R&D for Western Ag Innovations, has learned a thing or two about intercropping during his time researching the practice. “Intercropping can have substantial benefits, but… Read More

Flipping The Switch

For global researchers studying epigenetics, looking at the surface of the genome could be the key to discovering the next big thing in plant and seed engineering. Classical genetics has… Read More

Brave New World

The development and testing of the xarvio app holds lessons for seed growers and breeders, including the importance of AI and not trying to replace your agronomist with an app…. Read More

A Look Through the Single Window

The Seed Synergy Collaboration Project is exploring the enhancement of the client/member experience through an integrated system and processes, possibly including blockchain. Doug Miller of the CSGA and Richard Freeman… Read More