BASF Canada Changes HiStick Inoculants Branding


BASF’s HiStick brand inoculants is changing its name to Nodulator. Only the name will change, and growers and retailers will see a transition over the next two years.

“BASF announces the name transition from HiStick to Nodulator as part of our effort to improve efficiency for growers and retailers by streamlining our products,” said Ariel Gohlke, brand manager, Inoculants, BASF Canada. “BASF brings innovative solutions to the marketplace as well as continued agronomic benefits.”

In 2016, HiStick PRO will transition to Nodulator PRO, which offers low application volume convenience and a 60-day on-seed survival. In 2017, HiStick N/T liquid and self-adhering peat will transition to Nodulator N/T liquid and self-adhering peat, delivering the only Biostacked inoculant for greater nodule mass, faster canopy closure and greater plant vigour, according to the company. In addition, Nodulator PRO 225 will launch with seed partners in 2016.