BASF Launches New Pulse Fungicide in Western Canada

by | May 16, 2023 | Agronomy, Crop Inputs

BASF is launching RevyPro, a new fungicide for pulse crops, in Western Canada for spring 2024, a May 16 news release said. RevyPro is the first Canadian Revysol-based pulse fungicide.

“Our goal in the development of RevyPro was to create a product that would provide efficacy, whether resistance is present or not, to equip western Canadian growers with an enhanced solution to address the challenges they face,” Bethany Wyatt, technical marketing specialist for fungicides at BASF, said in the release.

RevyPro provides consistent performance on early and late western Canadian pulse diseases, including resistant strains. Using the active ingredient Mefentrifluconazole, Revysol’s unique FRAC Group 3 mode of action allows it to bind to the target site, the pathogen more powerfully than conventional triazole fungicides, the release said.

“‘We’re excited to bring this new product to market for pulse growers in Western Canada. This solution was developed specifically for this market, at BASF research farms, and has proven performance on major pulse diseases regardless of a pathogen’s resistance status,” Sylvain Mialon, brand manager for fungicides, cereals and pulses at BASF, said in the release.

Key benefits of Revysol, the active ingredient in RevyPro, include:

  • the ability to adjust and bind strongly to pathogens and pathogen mutations for both curative and preventative activity to help protect yields
  • fast uptake and activity followed by long-lasting control
  • control of a wider range of diseases, allowing consistent performance regardless of which diseases are present.

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