Be Part of the Pea Leaf Weevil Survey


Insect specialists at Alberta Agriculture and Forestry are seeking planted pea fields to survey north of Highway 1 and the Peace Region.

The team has begun its 2019 pea leaf weevil survey from the southern border of the province into the Peace Region and needs pea fields to survey. Team members do not enter the pea field to conduct the count. Instead, they kneel on the field edge and count the number of feeding notches on each node of 50 plants.

Contact [email protected] to have your pea field included in the survey.

Flea beetles are now very active, and read more about them – Make the Right Flea Beetle Spray Decision.

Diamondback moth survey

The diamondback moth survey continues with 33 trap locations reporting in the province. For current information, go to the diamondback moth survey results map.


Now that many producers in the province are done or nearly done seeding, scouting for cutworms may be on the agenda. Report cutworms here, and find more information on the cutworm map.

For timely and accurate insect management information and resources, go to the Alberta Insect Pest Monitoring Network webpage.

Source: Alberta Agriculture