New Web Portal To Help Canadians Adapt To Climate Change


Climate information—including timely, accurate and trusted weather information—is critical for decisions related to agricultural production. Farmers and ranchers now have access to more decision-making tools through a new web portal launched by the Government of Canada in October 2018. These resources will help farmers take full advantage of opportunities and reduce risks.

Aimed at helping Canadians understand and adapt to climate change, the Canadian Centre for Climate Services offers one-stop access to a variety of climate data, information and tools. Features include a climate library, a climate science hub, a data download section and a new climate services support desk to help users with their climate data questions. The centre also offers training and support for individuals who want to address local climate-related risks.

The climate services website and support desk are good complements to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)’s agroclimate website pages, like Drought Watch,” explains Patrick Cherneski, manager of AAFC’s National Agroclimate Information Service.

For more than 20 years, AAFC has been providing farmers and decision-makers with agroclimate data, information and tools. Agroclimate conditions maps, drought assessments, soil-moisture monitoring, impact reporting, risk management, and climate change scenarios all help in making agricultural decisions,” said Cherneski. “The new portal is more broad. It’s an all-government approach that houses a wider variety of sources and sectors, for all Canadians,”he added.

To learn more about the new portal and how it aims to help Canadians understand and adapt to climate change, visit the Canadian Centre for Climate Services.

Source: Agriculture and Agrifood Canada

Olds College and Agri-Trade Launch New Ag Event In 2019


Olds College and Agri-Trade have partnered to produce a must-see new agriculture event, AgSmart. Taking place August 13 and 14, 2019 at Olds College, AgSmart isn’t just a trade show, it’s a hands-on demonstration and education exposition focused on technology and data across the agriculture sector – how to gather it, and how to use it to enhance productivity and profits.

During this two day expo, farmers will have an opportunity to interact with cutting-edge high-tech Ag players and experience the latest innovations first-hand. The show will feature education workshops, in-field demonstrations and an exhibit fair profiling some of the latest commercialized products that are transforming the Ag industry here in Alberta and throughout the globe.

“We are excited to be partnering with Agri-Trade to produce a dynamic, hands-on event where farmers can see and experience the latest high-tech Ag in action,” comments Stuart Cullum, president of Olds College.

“AgSmart will provide interactive in-field demonstrations and informative education sessions to help producers better understand and use technology and data throughout their operations,” adds Cullum. “And it builds on Olds College’s vision to be a leader in Smart Ag by transforming our college farm into the demonstration farm of the 21st century.”

“AgSmart is all about education and innovation,” says Dave Fiddler, show manager for Agri-Trade. “There is so much happening within the Ag space right now and our goal is to stage a hands-on learning and demonstration event that profiles some of the most exciting new technologies available in the Ag sector today.”

Source: Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Alberta Pulse Growers Launches New App For Regional Variety Trials And News In Real Time


Alberta pulse producers can now download a smartphone app that allows them to search data from Regional Variety Trials (RVT) relevant to their zone and receive up-to-the-minute news from the Alberta Pulse Growers Commission (APG).

“The new Alberta Pulse Growers app will allow farmers to easily find out how pulse varieties fared in their own zones,” said APG chair D’Arcy Hilgartner. “This means that trial results will be available to growers for different varieties and areas as they are reported. The new app will make a world of difference to growers like me who previously had to wait for all of the data to be reported and published at the same time.”

The app is available for free download on iTunes and Google Play. The RVT information can also be accessed via

APG has funded regional variety trials across the province for many years to ensure that growers have current yield, standability and disease resistance information relevant to their own farms. APG is committed to ensuring the sharing of high quality data in an easy-to-use format for the producers who can benefit from it. The new web tool was designed to allow Alberta pulse producers to access the information they need when they need it because a pillar of best management practices for every crop is selecting a variety that is suited to a growing environment.

The app will also allow busy producers to receive news alerts for relevant APG updates such as news releases, Feed Pea and Faba Bean Feed Benchmarks, and Chuck Penner’s Pulse Market Insight column.

Source: Alberta Agriculture and Forestry