Cigi and Cereals Canada Merger Approved

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Industry News

Cereals Canada the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) members have voted in approval of the amalgamation of both organizations, the groups announced in a joint press release on April 14.

The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC), a member of both organizations, published its own release in support of the merger. “The new organization establishes a platform for a unified value chain approach to enhancing the competitiveness of Canadian cereal crops through market development, customer support, market access and innovation initiatives,” AWC’s release says.

The approval follows four years of collaboration between the two groups, Cereals Canada/Cigi’s release says. Cereals Canada was formed in 2013 to represent Canada’s cereal value chain across priority areas including market access, market development, advocacy and innovation. Cigi was formed in 1972 to support domestic and international processors with independent technical services such as end-use quality evaluations, milling and end-use support.

The consolidated organization will operate under the Cereals Canada name with Cigi maintaining its brand as a division within the overarching organization. The organization’s approved governance structure also ensures all members can shape and influence future priorities and initiatives.