Crop Conditions Deteriorating in Soggy Northern Alberta

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Weather

Precipitation has continued to fall across the province causing excess moisture in large areas and declining crop conditions, the bi-weekly crop report from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry on July 17, says.

Many areas, particularly in the north west, Peace regions and western parts of the north east region, experienced a couple of major weather events, the release notes. Local thunderstorm activities have also brought rains across the province. Hail damage was reported in some fields in the southern, central and north west regions.

Crop conditions are deteriorating with barley, canola and dry peas in the wet areas showing significant yellowing from excess moisture, the report says. Compared to the crop report two weeks ago, crop condition ratings are down for the north east, north west and peace regions, while they have improved in the south and central regions. However, overall crop conditions are still higher than the five-year average in all areas.

Due to the persistent rains, excessive surface and sub-surface soil moisture continue to be an issue, in all regions, except in the south, the report notes.