Crops are Emerging Across Alberta

by | Jun 3, 2024 | Crops, News

Despite scattered light showers causing short seeding delays, crop emergence in the province is progressing well, with rates slightly ahead of historical averages. Most of the province received a few millimeters of rain, with some areas in the North West and Central regions receiving up to 30-40 mm. Seeding has reached 77 percent completion, though this is below the 5-year average of 84 percent.

The Peace Region and South Region lead in seeding progress at 86 percent and 84 percent complete, respectively, while the North East and North West Regions lag behind at 71 percent and 72 percent. The emergence of major crops has doubled over the past week to 40 percent, and the growth stages of provincial cereals remain on track with historical averages.

Despite light showers in many regions, surface soil moisture conditions across the province slightly declined but remained above the 5- and 10-year averages. The North East and North West regions reported the highest surface soil moisture ratings, with 91 percent and 82 percent rated good to excellent, respectively.

The Peace Region had the lowest moisture conditions at 64 percent. Over the past week, soil moisture conditions dropped by 5 percent in the South to 71 percent, 2 percent in the Central to 80 percent, 5 percent in the North West to 82 percent, and 6 percent in the Peace to 64 percent. The North East was the only region to see an improvement, increasing by 1 percent to 91 percent good to excellent.

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