Farming Smarter Conference to be Held in Person

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Event

The Farming Smarter Conference and Tradeshow will be held in person on Dec. 2 to 3 at the Lethbridge Exhibition Park despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the conference says in a news release on Oct. 23.

“Farming Smarter plans to hold a safe, spacious, live event in early December and give people a chance to move away from screens and back into lookin’ peers in the eye for a couple of days,” the release says.

The Lethbridge Exhibition Park has lots of space, big tables and the equipment to separate trade show booths to give everyone lots of breathing room, the release notes.

The organizers will work with Alberta Health Services to monitor the COVID-19 situation in Lethbridge and plan to make decisions right up until the end of the conference.

The event will also be limited to 100 people in the main conference room at a time. Attendees are encouraged to register beforehand.

Tim Caufield, a professor from the University of Alberta, who is known for debunking myths and assumptions in the health sector will be a keynote speaker. Peter Sikkema, University of Guelph, will also be a keynote speaker. Sikkema will speak about glyphosate resistant weeds.