Feds Give $50 million for Temporary Foreign Worker Quarantine Help

by | Apr 13, 2020 | News

Farmers, fish harvesters, and all food production and processing employers will be eligible for $50 million in funding to help cover costs for the mandatory 14-day isolation period for temporary foreign workers, the Government of Canada announced April 13.

In March, the government announced an exemption for temporary foreign workers from the pandemic travel restrictions to Canada, as long as they adhere to a strict 14-day isolation protocol upon arrival. The rules for the mandatory isolation period have been clearly defined and distributed to employers. Those who do comply will face severe fines and sanctions.

In addition to the responsibility of paying the workers for the two weeks, many employers are also responsible for providing workers with transportation and accommodations, as well as access to food and basic supplies needed to meet all of the conditions imposed by public health authorities. This is why the government announced they will provide $1,500 in support for each temporary foreign worker to employers to cover the isolation period.

This funding will be available as long as the Quarantine Act is in force and the isolation protocol is followed. As labour circumstances are different across regions in Canada, the government will work with interested provinces and territories in the coming days to ensure this funding is delivered.