Genomics Research Projects Receive $12.1 million in Funding

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Canola, Crops, Funding, News, Research

Results Driven Agriculture Research (RDAR), and the federal and Alberta governments, are giving $5.1 million in funding for numerous agriculture genomics projects in the province, a June 14 news release said. The investment is being combined with funding from non-government sources making for a total of $12.1 million.

“This investment is a prime example of what an exciting time it is to be in agriculture. These projects touch every corner of Alberta’s ag industry, from dairy and pork to soil and canola, and much more. The work in the labs will show results in the field,” Nate Horner, Alberta minister of agriculture and rural economic development, said in the release.

There are 14 projects being funded ranging from crops to livestock to soil health. The release noted RDAR and Genome Alberta have partnered to deliver funding to springboard genomic advancements in the province’s agriculture industry.

Funded projects include:

  • applying precision genomics to select more resilient dairy cows
  • breeding clubroot resistant canola
  • measuring soil health using meta-genomics
  • genomic selection of protective agents to combat bacterial pathogens in pigs
  • applying precision genomics to select more resilient dairy cows
  • using genomic data to help protect the health of Alberta livestock

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