Good Weather Pushes Alberta Planting to 62 Per Cent Done

- Seeding

Precipitation has varied across the province over the last month which has led to farmers being able to get the crop in the ground with 61.8 per cent of the crop now seeded — higher than the five-year average of 59.2 per cent, the latest crop report from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry release on May 22, says

“Both provincial and regional seeding progress are well ahead of 2017, which was a similar spring in Alberta, with both seeding of new crops and harvesting overwintered crops at the same time,” the report notes.

Favourable weather also allowed more of the 2019 overwintered acres to be harvested, 3.5 per cent of spring wheat is still left, 3.4 per cent barley, 10.3 per cent oats and five pre cent of canola.