Growing Stability in an Unstable World

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Cereals Seed Varieties

At 90, my world-aware dad likes to watch the news each night. Since he lives with my spouse and me, I listen in on the nightly headlines as I wind down my day. It’s a weighty world we’re living in right now: every topic the newscasters touch on seems to relate to insecurity and upheaval. Inflation, health emergencies, political instability, food insecurity, climate doomsday, the war in Ukraine – if ever there’s been a time of uncertainty, I feel like we’re living it now. It can feel daunting and burdensome to carry such global heaviness.

Luckily, I’m part of agriculture. If ever there were an industry that focuses each and every day on future-oriented hope, it’s agriculture. Whether you’re a farmer placing a seed order, a retailer sharing variety information, a plant breeder analyzing new cultivars, or me leading our seed company team, being in agriculture means looking forward and believing in potential.

I’m proud to be part of a company where our entire reason for being is to provide a local source of reliable, consistent seed. Alliance Seed’s tag line is ‘Strong, Vigorous, Dependable’. We create security for producers by providing proven and top-quality variety options, along with the agronomic advice to help those varieties shine. We as a company are successful only if our growers are successful, so our biggest goal is to help our growers prosper today, tomorrow and into the future.

We can’t fix all the ills and uncontrollables of the world. However, we in agriculture CAN control more of our future than we might think. Wherever we are in the agriculture value chain, we can invest in reliability and dependability, we can support our farmers, and we can nurture every seed of forward-looking potential towards success.

Let’s plant for the future.

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Jodee Karlowsky

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