Harvest Started in South, Central Areas of Alberta

by | Aug 14, 2020 | Crop Production, Harvest

Harvest of fall-seeded crops and dry peas in the south and central regions of Alberta, the bi-weekly crop report from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry on Aug. 14, says. About two per cent of all crops in the southern area and three per cent in the central are now in the bin.

Warm temperatures and less precipitation accelerated crop development across the province, the report notes. Spring seeded cereals are mostly at the end of milk development growth stage, which is a week or less behind normal.

About 95 per cent of canola in the southern, north east and north west area is in the podding stage, while in the central and Peace regions, 31 and 15 per cent respectively, of canola is still in the flowering stage.

Regionally compared to two weeks ago, crop conditions in the central area remained unchanged, while the other regions declined by one or two per cent, the report notes.