Innovating to Help with the Growing Demand for Canola

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Promoted

With spring just around the corner, I’m getting excited as I get more calls about the start of seeding season. Spring is a season of renewal with new plants sprouting out of the ground. With a warmer tinge to the air, it has us thinking about the future, including all the innovations our SeedMaster team has on the horizon.

Traditionally the SeedMaster double knife opener system has worked really well in a lot of soil types. But there are customers who don’t want a double knife, there’s specific pockets of soil types where maybe a double knife doesn’t work as well. So, we’re working on some different options on the opener line to be able to expand our reach and expand our offering for our dealers to go to different customers that aren’t using a double knife system.

Our SR drill has been a popular product, when it hit the commercial market, it sold out. We bumped the order number up for it this year, but that doesn’t mean we’re just sitting there waiting for this design to become outdated. We’re looking at ways to bring that single rank technology to the market. We will be expanding it to different market areas and reacting to the different demands that we’re hearing from customers.

One of the products that excites me the most is the developments we’re making on our air cart. I’ll admit the air cart has fallen behind in recent years but that just means it was time for an update. There’s still lots of nice features on it, like hydraulic lids, conveyors, and sectional control, but there’s other companies in the marketplace that have brought some new technology to the fields. So, we’re working on adding some of those new features to our air cart. Incorporating our Ultra Pro II metering system, the best canola metering system on the market, is a continued priority in our air cart development.

All these innovations are meant to help you be able to grow the best crop you can, specifically canola as we are the CanolaMaster. Canola demand is on the rise with new processing opportunities being announced daily. When I see those announcements, it reminds how me important SeedMaster is to helping farmers meet that demand. While you’re planting more canola seed in the ground, we’re working hard in the shop to make a seeding system that can help you meet that demand.

Recently, Alberta Canola Board Chair Roger Chevraux mentioned to me how important innovation will be for farmers to meet that growing demand. With all the recent processing facility announcements, he says Alberta canola farmers are working to catch up to that demand on the supply side and to do that they’ll need innovations from the equipment, seed, and chemical industries. I assured him we’re working to do what we can to help them meet that growing demand.

At the end of the day our innovations are based on doing what you the customer wants. You’re the one that knows your farm and our promise is that we want to do what we can to help you maximize your farms potential so it can be more profitable in the future. To do that we need to expand our offerings and over the next couple of years, the market is going to see some really interesting products from our team here at SeedMaster.

Header photo — SeedMaster’s complete seeding system. Photo: SeedMaster


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