Over Half of All Seeding is Complete

by | May 24, 2024 | Crop Production, News

Another week of widespread rains has provided much-needed relief to dry areas, though wet conditions have caused seeding delays across the province. Despite this, farmers have managed to complete between 25 and 58 per cent of their seeding efforts, the province says in its latest crop report. While the rain was welcomed by many, some areas experienced light snow, hail, or near-freezing temperatures. To benefit from the recent moisture, the province now needs sun and warm weather.

In terms of seeding progress for major crops, dry peas are the furthest ahead with 82 percent complete, whereas oats lag behind at 36 percent. Regionally, the Peace and South Regions are the most advanced, each with 71 percent of seeding completed. The North East Region has the most seeding left, with less than half complete.

Overall, 21 percent of crops have emerged, which is 6 per cent ahead of the 5-year average, thanks to the moist and favourable growth conditions. However, persistently wet soil and cool ground temperatures could impede plant development. Following the seeding trends, the South Region leads in crop emergence at 35 percent, followed by the Central Region at 23 per cent. Other regions have less than 15 percent emergence.

Most fall-seeded crops in the province are rated in good to excellent condition, except in the Peace Region, where some fall-seeded crops were tilled up and re-seeded due to poor plant counts.

For the full crop report click here.


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