Enchant Cooperative Seed Cleaning Association Ltd. SPC logo

P.O. Box 3031
Enchant, Alberta,
PHONE: (403) 739-3766
FAX: (403) 739-2532
EMAIL: [email protected]

Authorized Establishment #673
CSI Quality Assurance Manual in place since 1998
Licenced Operator and Grader on premises
Canadian Seed Institute


Located on highway #526 (between Lethbridge and Brooks the way the crow flies), the Enchant Seed Cleaning Plant has been servicing the area since 1969.

Seed Cleaning or Dockage services available for:

- cereals
- oilseeds
- corn
- pulses
- grasses
- legumes

Seed Treating services available with:

- Vitaflo 280
- Apron Maxx
- Cruiser
- Trilex
- Dividend
- Raxil MD


- 33SG Carter Uniflow Indent
- Century 688 2+4 Crippen Wind and Screen
- 418 Carter Precision Sizer
- Cimbria G310 Gravity Table
- 2 Carter Discs
- Harden Spirals
- Gustafson S-1000 Treater
- Debearder
- Taylor Bagging System

Buying and Selling of Screenings and Feed.
Certified Organic with CSI.
Certified with Health Canada for processing hemp.
Hours of Operation:
We're open whenever you want us to be!