High Prairie Seed Cleaning Co-op Ltd.
High Prairie Seed
Cleaning Co-op Ltd.
Box 778, High Prairie Alberta,
PHONE: (780) 523-3955
FAX: (780) 523-3365
EMAIL: [email protected]

PLANT MANAGER: Bryant Kushner

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  • Authorized Establishment status for cleaning Pedigreed Seed.
  • Cleaning of cereal grains, oilseeds and pulse crops.
  • Also, cleaning and bagging of some clovers, alfalfa and timothy.
  • Seperations.
  • Scalping and dockage removal.
  • Cereal Grain Treating.
  • Contracting, processing and bulk railcar loading of export peas.
  • Champion Feed Sales
  • Custom Grain Rolling
  • For more information, please contact:
    Bryant Kushner
    Box 778
    High Prairie, Alberta
    PHONE: 780-523-3955
    EMAIL: [email protected]