Seed Speaks — Innovations in Seed Treatments

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Seed Speaks

Seed World Group is taking a closer look at individuals and companies tackling agriculture’s biggest challenges in this season of Seed Speaks.

Up first is three of Seed World’s 10 Most Innovative Products including: Kannar Earth Science, KAN-7 Seed Treatment; Heliae Agriculture, PhycoTerra ST; and FBSciences SuperSede Seed Treatment Portfolio. These seed treatment technologies showcase stellar potential for farmers and the seed industry.

KAN-7, Kannar Earth Science, is a unique blend of amino acids and an essential micronutrient.  KAN-7 is optimized to effectively promote crop establishment through seedling growth and vigor when applied to seed at low application rates.

PhycoTerra ST, Heliae Agriculture, is an innovative new seed treatment, sourced from nature. The goal? To wake up the seed microbiome, which is your seed’s first interaction with the soil.

SuperSede Seed Treatment Portfolio, FBSciences, designed to add propulsion to your crop to maximize the genetic potential of the seed, SuperSede works to the environment the seed is inhabiting. The techonology works as a catalyst to maximize the physiology of germination.

Learn more on this week’s episode of Seed Speaks.

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