Seed Synergy partners launch new website and release Green Paper

by | Jan 10, 2018 | News

The Seed Synergy Collaboration Project has launched a new website,, and released a comprehensive Green Paper proposing a vision for the next generation seed system and inviting comments on it.

Over the past year, leaders from the six major seed sector industry organizations have been working together on the Seed Synergy Collaboration Project to develop recommendations and implementation plans that will enable a next generation seed system for Canada.

“The Seed Synergy partners are pleased to announce these updates to you”, said Krista Erickson, executive director of the Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada, speaking on behalf of the group. “Collaboration between the partner groups over the last number of months has brought us one step closer to the reality of a seed system that functions optimally for all those involved in it and for Canadians in general. We hope that agriculture value chain partners will join with us in the discussion and visit our new website today”.

The current model of the seed sector must adapt to seize emergent opportunities. Canada needs a strong vision for the future, and practical reforms now, to position producers, innovators, and ultimately the entire agricultural value chain to succeed in a highly competitive and innovation-based global marketplace.

The Green Paper is the Seed Synergy partnership’s vision for how to meet these challenges, with proposals designed to: stimulate investment to unlock our innovative potential, enable industry to play a greater leadership role in governing the seed system, increase transparency within the system and better meet diverse customer needs and drive growth throughout the agriculture value chain.

Over the coming months the Seed Synergy organizations will be talking to their members, holding regional workshops, and engaging with stakeholders (including key federal government departments) to produce a final White Paper for the spring/summer 2018. The White Paper will chart a course for the future of the seed system, and will set out a strong path forward for industry and government to work together in a meaningful way.

For more details and to provide feedback, visit the new Seed Synergy website.