Selecting a Variety with the Seed Guide

Sheri Strydhorst walks you through how to use the cereal regional variety trial data tables in the Alberta Seed Guide to select new varieties to use on your farm.

The cereal regional variety trial data tables in the Alberta Seed Guide provide a tremendous source of information to help growers and agronomists select improved genetic technologies for their farm. However, to select the best variety for individual farms, it’s important to understand how the data can be used.
This “How To” video goes through examples of selecting varieties for:

  • Low and high yield environments
  • Wheat midge resistance
  • Fusarium Head Blight resistance
  • Longer and shorter growing seasons
  • Low or high lodging pressure
  • Maintaining grade
Each person will need to balance traits that are most important on their farm to recognize the economic and agronomic benefits of improved genetic technologies on their farm operations.
Sheri Strydhorst

Sheri Strydhorst

Principal of Sheri's Ag Consulting Inc.

Strydhorst has over 20 years of experience in research and the agricultural industry. Her career has focused on enhancing the profitability of Canadian crop producers. She believes in research that aligns with grower needs, while upholding scientific rigor. She has built strong relationships with researchers, industry, and producers. She has a long history of extending research findings so that they resonate with farmers.

Strydhorst completed her bachelor of science, master of science and PhD at the University of Alberta. Her master of science research studied faba bean agronomy and her PhD research studied the rotational benefits of pulse crops. After graduate school, Strydhorst worked as the executive director for the Alberta Pulse Growers. She returned to research in 2013 where she focused on cereal agronomy with Alberta Agriculture until 2021. Strydhorst then worked for Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions as their agronomy research specialist.

In fall 2022, Strydhorst established Sheri’s Ag Consulting Inc. She provides consulting services in the areas of research strategy, ag strategy, regional variety trial management, data analysis and extension.

Strydhorst farms with her husband, Shane, in Neerlandia, Alta.