Wildfire Activity Continues in Alberta

by | May 22, 2023 | Crop Production, Crops

While wildfires continue in Alberta, impacting some cropland, there’s some positive news on the horizon. Hot and dry weather with light showers provided good conditions for planting according to the May 16 crop report. Last week 24 per cent of Alberta’s crop had been planted according to the previous crop report.

The evacuations and provincial state of emergency caused by the wildfires may cause some delays with the seeding process.

Currently, 55 per cent of the crop has been planted, which is only three per cent behind the 5-year average and five per cent behind the 10-year average. Though the light rain positively impacted planting conditions, more rain is still needed to ensure the seeds can grow properly.

Overall, seeding progress for major crops increased 31 per cent and some seeding progress was ahead of past averages.

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