b'MESSAGESDEAR READERS, With spring right around the corner, there is no better time than now to choose your pulse seed for the upcoming season. As Albertas premiere source for seed, we listened to you, our valued readers, when you said you wanted more detailed information from our Spring 2020 seed guide on pulse options. That is why we are proud to present the Alberta Seed Guide: Pulse Special Edition. This is a one-time opportunity to highlight the pulse varieties which can diversify your operation and boost your bottom line. In fact, this special edition is a one-stop shop. In the following pages, you will find the Regional Variety Trial information complete with new and previously tested varieties. There is also a grower directory, along with a seed cleaning plant directory map. As we all know too well, last year was a tough year for many crops throughout the province. The data in this Special Edition will provide more fulsome insight on the capability of the newer pulse varieties over the long-term. With this resource at your disposal, you can compare the new variety performance to the check variety only. In many cases, the check is a variety you might have already grown, which will allow for a better gauge on how the new variety will perform on your land. Are you new to working with pulses? This is the perfect place to get started. Simple recommendations on preparing to seed and seeding your pulse crop can be found [email protected] page 19. Or, perhaps you grew pulses in the past and struggled with lodged crops and @AntonLakeFarms harvest issues, the story on pages four and five, reviews recent Alberta-based research on how to keep peas standing. Marketing options continue to expand for pulse producers. The Plant Protein Alliance of Alberta is exploring local, value-added opportunities, so you can see what is on the horizon (pages six and seven).As you pour through the following pages, we hope you will take a second to recognize our team which makes this all possible. On the ground and in the field, our team of industry partners and subject matter experts work hard to bring you the best and most comprehensive data. The regional trials across the province are planned, seeded, managed, harvested and analysed with direction from the Alberta Pulse Growers, who provide third-party variety assessment. The variety entries used in these trials are submitted by the plant breeding and variety development industry (seed distributors) for a fee so you, as a producer, can see how these new varieties perform. Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AAF) staff review the data and run statistical analysis to ensure the results are consistent under average environmental conditions. Plant breeders and industry representatives work together and review all the information to ensure what is published is a true representation of each variety.We would like to thank everyone involved from those who put the seed in the ground to the ones who get this edition into your mailbox. In particular, a special thank you goes to AAFs Alex Fedko and Dr. Rob Graff of AAFC whose hard work and guidance helped to make this issue happen! Thank you for readingand happy [email protected] Renee Hoyme Tom Coppock@CoppockTPresident PresidentAlberta Seed Growers Alberta Seed Processors2seed.ab.ca'