Published twice a year, the Alberta Seed Guide (ASG) is the farmers go-to source of variety and performance information. Reaching over 50,000 farmers with sought after regional variety trial information, new varieties data and the grower directory to source seed, farmers in the Peace region of B.C. and across Alberta rely on ASG.

Produced in partnership by the Alberta-British Columbia Seed Growers Association and the Alberta Seed Processors, ASG goes beyond variety information offering in-depth articles on the issues driving change in the industry, seed and whole-farm best management practices, and new seed related products.

Alberta-British Columbia Seed Growers



The Alberta branch is one of six branches of the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA). Each branch has its own board that works at a provincial level but also has representation at the national level to represent the opinions of the provincial membership.

Through third-party inspections and audits of seed growers, and processors across the country, the CSGA certifies some of the highest quality seed in the world using a Quality Assurance Identity Preserved system that is world-renowned.

The CSGA is the sole seed pedigree agency for most agricultural crops in Canada. Canada’s seed system is recognized and respected around the globe because it ensures mechanical purity, while providing an audit trail that guarantees varietal identity and purity.

Alberta’s seed growers work hard to maintain the standards and methods of producing clean, true-to-type, high-quality seed.

To learn more please contact:

Kelly Chambers, Executive Director

Alberta-British Columbia Seed Growers
[email protected]
PH: 403-325-0081
Fax: 866-798-1826

Alberta Seed Processors


(formerly the Association of Alberta Co-op Seed Cleaning Plants)


Alberta Seed Processors is a network of seed and grain processing professionals focused on providing Alberta farmers, seed growers and the agriculture industry with value-added services to support the growth of the local and global agriculture economy. We are a collective of community-minded businesses, working together to offer our members group benefits, professional and business development, through membership and the power of peer networking.

Who We Are

  • Alberta Seed Processors is made up of 67 individual farmer-owned seed and grain processing co-ops located throughout Alberta, and the Peace region of B.C.
  • The services offered by these 67 individual co-ops range from basic seed cleaning to exporting of specialty grains and pulse crops. Members may also act as agents for producer car loading sites, as processors for grain brokers, as distribution sites for seed growers/companies.
  • Rural community focused in providing select services that fit with their community. For example, one site offers sales of hay tarps, while another offers pet and livestock feed sales, yet another sells hail and crop insurance.
  • Many sites are Registered Seed Establishments, as certified by the Canadian Seed Institute to clean, and handle pedigreed seed in Canada. Hence, these sites lend themselves to adopting quality assurance standards of other organizations should the opportunity arise.

To learn more please contact:

Monica Klaas, General Manager
Alberta Seed Processors
[email protected]
PH: 403-489-9999
Fax: 403-625-1711