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Fusarium Watch

The wet weather last summer in many parts of Alberta has raised concerns about Fusarium head blight (FHB) in this year’s cereal crops — and about the availability of Fusarium-free… Read More

Do Economics Always Trump Agronomics?

Although producers in the Canadian Prairies have evolved beyond continuous wheat or wheat-fallow cropping systems, simple wheat-canola rotations are still common. This lack of diversity is risky, as it can… Read More

The Blockchain Revolution Begins

The future is now for farm-to-table traceability thanks to a pilot project that used blockchain technology to follow locally produced certified soybean seed through production and processing, ending with freshly… Read More

In on the Ground Floor

Sendziak Seed Farm is involved in propagating new varieties in annual breeder plots developed by AAFC, Canadian universities and private institutions. This means the seed farm can provide its customers… Read More

Pest and Disease Outlook 2020

Top pest and disease concerns in Alberta for the coming year.  After a couple of dry years, 2019 was a wetter year in most areas of Alberta, at least in… Read More

A Breed Apart

For more than three decades, Rob Graf’s dedication to wheat breeding in Canada has led to his contribution asprincipal developer of 12 wheat cultivars and co-developer of 12 other wheat… Read More