Never Stop Growing: How Our Greenhouse Elevates Agriculture and Product Testing to the Next Level

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Seed Testing

Our modern greenhouse facility in Nisku, Alta. offers unparalleled flexibility for improved crop diagnostics and innovative product testing and sets the standard for modern agricultural product testing. The 24×7 greenhouse facility offers an additional growing season, giving you a competitive edge in product development and grow-out trials. At 20/20 Seed Labs, we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive solution provider for all your seed needs. We can test every aspect of a product development pipeline, whether it is the seeds of your dream or a dream product for your seeds.

Our comprehensive grow-out trials and tailored testing services will assist you in meeting your objectives. Since the launch of the greenhouse, we have handled a breadth of projects, including assessment of seed treatment efficacy, micronutrient status post product application, disease ratings of common pathogens in cereals, herbicide tolerance, fungicide and inoculant response, and many special projects.

A great illustration of our capabilities includes a recent project we steered for a client that involved a foliar spray designed to increase the levels of a specific micronutrient. Using our grow-out facility and a range of experiments, we were able to provide our clients with the information they needed to evaluate the effectiveness of their product.

We have also expanded our services to include the screening, identification, and development of crops with novel traits that demonstrate resistance to abiotic and biotic stressors such as drought, cold, disease, etc. Reach out to us and we will help you screen your elite tilling population. If you need a tilling population, we can help you generate one through our well-established EMS development pipeline. To give you a head start, we have previously used speed breeding technology to rapidly advance breeding populations.

From concept to market, we understand the importance of reliable performance data in the agricultural industry. That is why we take the time to understand the end goals of our customers. While a simple experiment may be helpful under certain circumstances, there may be better approaches to determining effectiveness in complex systems. Backed by our robust on-site experimental designs and analysis pipeline, you can trust the results you get. Our team of experts, including our germination, disease, and molecular departments, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive solution for all your product development requirements. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the seed industry, you can trust that we will deliver the best results and help you achieve your goals.

20/20 Seed Labs Inc. is more than a lab — we are your partner in scientific excellence. Leverage the power of 20/20 Seed Labs Inc. brand and experience the best seed analytics available in the industry. Let us become your trusted scientific opinion and take the first step towards success. We deliver the best because we do what’s the right thing to do!

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Abhinandan Kumar

Molecular business development manager, 20/20 Seed Labs - Kumar's inspiration to work in agriculture stems from his love for basic and applied research in plant biology over the years. "Agriculture is a highly dynamic and ever-evolving science," he says. Unlike decades ago, modern agriculture is the new face of the planet. "I love to be a part of it and contribute some valuable changes to present-day agriculture."