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by | Jul 4, 2022 | Cereals Seed Varieties

The first time someone asked to speak to Alliance Seed’s general manager after the big announcement, I’ll admit it: I glanced over my shoulder. Then (and, yes, it took me a couple seconds to remember the obvious), I was glad no one could see my great big grin. Why? Because after 11 years of helping build Alliance Seed from the ground up, that general manager the caller was looking for – she’s me!

I’m incredibly excited to take over the reins at Alliance Seed. At heart, I am a farm kid with a deep, strong connection to the agriculture industry and farmers. I grew up in the heart of the Red River Valley in Brunkild, Man. on the family farm. My parents encouraged me to pursue a university degree, so I entered the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Agriculture. I have spent the last 30 plus years working in the agriculture industry. I’ve been lucky to experience many different parts of western Canadian agriculture and to meet and work with so many great farmers and customers. Because I understand the pressures and challenges of farming, I’m proud to lead an organization that puts farmers first, that’s small enough to offer authentic and personalised customer service, and that carries the same work ethic I see and appreciate in farms across the prairies.

Alliance Seed is a small company feel with a big company reach. Take another glance at the Seed Guide: CDC Endure oats, CDC Precision durum, AAC Leroy VB – when you see how many high-performance varieties we offer, it’s very obvious just how far above our weight class we punch. That’s possible because the Alliance Seed team – both our board and our staff – share huge commitment to Alliance Seed’s goals and our customers.

I’ve been part of the Alliance team since way back in 2009 when Alliance Seed’s founders plopped into chairs in my office at Alliance’s parent company, Paterson Grain, and asked if I wanted to be part of building a brand-new seed company. I didn’t even need time to think about the offer. A small company that’s whole goal is to meet the needs of farmers like my parents? Count me in!

I feel the same today. I’m proud of how far Alliance has come and how much it has accomplished over the past nearly dozen years. That said, just like farm work is never done, neither is ours. My goal is to stay true to what’s made this company succeed to date – reliability, customer service, and top performance varieties – while pushing us to grow our portfolio and even better meet producers’ needs.

How can we better help you? Let’s chat! I’m available at: (877) 270-2890 anytime.

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