Content by Marc Zienkiewicz

Brave New World

The development and testing of the xarvio app holds lessons for seed growers and breeders, including the importance of AI and not trying to replace your agronomist with an app…. Read More

A Look Through the Single Window

The Seed Synergy Collaboration Project is exploring the enhancement of the client/member experience through an integrated system and processes, possibly including blockchain. Doug Miller of the CSGA and Richard Freeman… Read More

CSAAC and CSI are Looking to Merge

This proposed marriage of two seed sector associations shows just why the Seed Synergy model of trust and collaboration is so effective. The Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada (CSAAC)… Read More

We Need to Talk About Mental Health

The launch of the Do More Ag Foundation is helping shed light on mental health struggles among farmers, and how we can empower ourselves to manage depression and anxiety. Last… Read More

Breathing Life into Flax

With only one public breeding program left for the crop in Western Canada, flax researchers are trying to get growers to adopt the latest genetics and help usher in a… Read More