Brevant High-Yielding Canola Seeds Deliver Disease Resistance

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Diseases like clubroot and blackleg continue to put pressure on canola crops in western Canada, spreading across the Prairies. Experts advise farmers to include clubroot resistant canola hybrids in their rotations, even if the pathogens haven’t been detected in their fields yet.

“Blackleg and clubroot are both serious diseases of canola growing in severity. Choosing high performing hybrids with strong disease resistance is one way farmers can be prepared,” says Hicks, Canola Product Manager with Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont.

Now offering $50/bag* savings on Brevant seeds

Corteva Agriscience is the business behind Brevant™ seeds, the new premium retail seed brand offering farmers a selection of canola hybrids with outstanding disease resistance packages.

Right now farmers can save $50/bag when they book Corteva Agriscience™ canola brands, including Brevant seeds or Pioneer® brand D-Series seeds by October 16, 2018. Full details are available at

“Brevant seeds are backed by the latest seed innovations, and designed to deliver outstanding results for success in real field conditions. All our seed is locally tested, so farmers can be confident it will perform on their farms,” says Hicks.

Brevant offers hybrids with excellent disease resistance

For example, Brevant 1026 RR is a Roundup Ready® hybrid that offers clubroot resistance plus protection against blackleg and fusarium wilt. It also provides excellent early season vigor, lodging resistance and standability.

Brevant 1024 RR is a complete package for performance and profit. It meets the needs of today’s farms, delivering strong early season vigor, excellent disease resistance and higher yield potential.

For farmers looking to switch up their canola system without compromising yield, Brevant offers hybrids that use the Clearfield® system to help protect against herbicide resistance. For example, Brevant 2026 CL delivers high yields, excellent early season vigor and late season lodging resistance and harvestability.

For farmers interested in saving time by straight cutting, Brevant 2024 CL uses pod-shatter reduction technology in a medium-height plant with excellent lodging resistance to make straight cutting or delayed swathing easy. It also has a great disease resistance package so farmers get nothing but yield.

More options, more ways to protect your crop

In addition to Roundup Ready and Clearfield hybrids, Brevant seeds will soon offer Optimum® GLY and LibertyLink® (pending regulatory approval). This will make Brevant seeds one of the first retail seed brands to offer all four herbicide tolerant systems.

Farmers can also protect their Brevant canola seed investment by using DuPont™ Lumiderm® insecticide seed treatment, available on all Brevant canola seeds. For flea beetle and cutworm control, Lumiderm seed treatment is the answer. With its unique Group 28 insecticide, Lumiderm is a valuable resistance management tool that also offers more consistent protection against crucifer and striped flea beetles.

“We’re excited to bring farmers Brevant seeds, leading genetics powered by the global research and development program at Corteva Agriscience,” says Hicks.

Brevant seeds for Nexera contracts for 2019 will be available soon. Visit to learn more and use the canola hybrid selector tool to find the ideal canola seeds for your farm.


*Corteva Agriscience™ canola brands include Brevant seeds, and Pioneer brand D-Series. Contract, book, or purchase your Corteva Agriscience brand canola by October 16, 2018 to qualify. Minimum 40 bag purchase of any combination of Corteva Agriscience brand canola hybrids required to qualify. Savings will be paid as a rebate based on actual spring 2019 seed purchases. Corteva Agriscience reserves the right to amend this offer any time.
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