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Snow On Canola: What To Do?

Snow on swathed canola will delay harvest, just like a rain would. In October, when it can be assumed that a return to more seasonal temperatures will occur, waiting it… Read More

Rain Delays Harvest. What To Do?

Harvest delays due to soggy soils, frequent rains and even mist have canola growers wondering about risk to the crop and what, if anything, they can do reduce these risks…. Read More

Dealing with Harvest Farm Fires

A farm emergency plan is the first step when dealing with the risk of fires during harvest. “This plan needs to detail what happens on the farm should a fire… Read More

Working with the Weather

How the Alberta Climate Information Service (ACIS) can help producers make informed decisions during the growing and harvest seasons. “Weather tends to be our most common – and all consuming… Read More

Storage Risks: Canola Binned Hot

With a couple of surprisingly hot days, canola harvested in those conditions may have gone into the bin at a high-risk temperature. Canola storage experts recommend that hot canola be… Read More