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On The Edge

Discovery of Sorghum Gene that Controls Bird Feeding Could Help Protect Crops A single gene in sorghum controls bird feeding behaviour by simultaneously regulating the production of bad-tasting molecules and… Read More

Seed: Try New Genetics Every Year

Having diversity in canola variety genetics will improve the resilience of the farm over time. The weed management message, “If it works, change it”, should apply to genetics and disease… Read More

Green Seed – Common Questions

What causes high green? Most green seed issues result when heavy frost hits canola before the seeds mature. This permanently stops the chlorophyll-clearing process and locks in green. Nothing can… Read More

AFC Amalgamation

In October 2019, the membership of the Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta voted to amalgamate with the Alberta Rural Development Network, effective November 1, 2019. The transition is actively… Read More