Climate Change (and its Politics)

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Seed Speaks

The changing climate is bringing dramatic change to the seed industry on multiple fronts, from agronomy and production, to research and innovation, to policy and regulation. It’s also bringing about major political discussion. In our currently polarized political reality, how can the seed industry best navigate its messaging — both within the industry and externally to consumers and the general public —about our response to a changing climate?

On the Nov. 8 edition of Seed Speaks, we welcome Scott Denning, a climate scientist and professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University. In addition to his research and university teaching roles, Denning regularly presents to diverse public audiences on the topic of climate change. Denning’s key message – that climate change is simple, serious and, yes, entirely solvable – makes complex science accessible and prioritizes hope.

During this Seed Speaks episode, we’ll dig into tough questions:

  • How might the seed industry best respond when the general public criticizes agriculture for its perceived role in climate change?
  • How do we as the seed industry counteract the fatigue and overwhelm that many inside the industry may feel on the topic of climate change?
  • What might the seed industry learn about tackling complex political discussions from Denning’s success in talking about climate change with groups that have entirely opposing perspective?

Join us on Nov. 8 at 12 p.m. CST on Seed World U.S., Seed World Canada, Seed World Europe and the Alberta Seed Guide’s Facebook pages, Seed World U.S.’s LinkedIn page and Seed World Group’s YouTube page to watch the discussion.

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