AI Tech Being Developed to Improve Protein Crops, Ingredients

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Research

Enns Bros., Crop Sentry, DL Seeds and AGT Foods are partnering together to develop new artificial intelligence technology to improve the quality of Canada’s protein crops and ingredients, a Nov. 1 news release said.

“Through the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy, Protein Industries Canada is working with partners to more sustainably produce high-quality plant-based ingredients and products to meet the increasing demand for eco-friendly and nutritious food options both at home and abroad,” François-Philippe Champagne, Canadian minister of innovation, science and industry, said in a release.

The project will build upon the IoT sensor system previously developed by Crop Sentry, with the partners optimizing in-field sensors for pea and canola crops to autonomously gather phenotype data throughout the growing season. The in-field data-gathering is meant to help farmers better collect measurements related to crop quality, leading to improved data-driven decisions, the release said.

With improved crop quality, ingredient processors will have a more consistent supply of protein to work with, helping them to develop a steady supply of high-quality, highly functional ingredients, the release noted. The technology will also aid in traceability efforts related to sustainability, in-field management practices and allergen concerns.

“This partnership is an excellent opportunity to bring the whole value chain together in developing new tools that add value to the development, production and processing of new pea products. New varieties form a foundation of our plant-based value chain and DL Seeds is very excited to participate to see how these new tools can help unlock new insights in plant development and how genetics and management can improve quality for producers and processors,” Chris Anderson, general manager of DL Seeds, said in the release.

The release noted that this project is the first to be announced under Protein Industries Canada’s artificial intelligence stream.

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