Alberta Farmers Crowned in DeKalb Seed for Yourself Yield Challenge

by | Jan 26, 2016 | Industry News

This year, hundreds of growers competed in the DeKalb Seed for Yourself Yield Challenge. Growers entered their DeKalb corn, canola and soybean crops and squared off with other individuals for the prestigious title of champion. In order to claim this honour, one must produce the highest yielding crop in their crop category in their respective contest zone.

Several Alberta farmers are included among the winners in Western Canada:

Zone CropContest ZoneCityProvWinner NameDEKALB Hybrid Yield (bu/ac)
1CanolaSouth of Highway 1WellingABRichard Wilde74-44 BL78.4
2CanolaHighway 1 North to Highway 12CrossfieldABPeter Cissell74-44 BL83.5
3CanolaHighway 12 North (outside of Peace Region)Fort SaskatchewanABJoanne Kuhn74-54 RR70.0