Anti-Merger Email “Not Endorsed” by CSGA: Rennick

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Industry News

The following piece is from our sister publication, Germination.

Canadian Seed Growers’ Association President Joe Rennick says an email sent out last week to CSGA’s official mailing list opposing the merger to form Seeds Canada and advising CSGA members to vote “No” is not endorsed by the CSGA board of directors.

Rennick says in a statement posted on the CSGA website that the CSGA board wants members “to know that this email was from some members who don’t support the proposed amalgamation,” and that the board cannot assure members that the information contained in the email — which has not been released publicly — is accurate.

As to how those responsible for writing and sending the email obtained CSGA’s full mailing list, Rennick goes on to say that under Subsection 22(5) and 22(7) of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, upon request by a member, CSGA is legally obliged, under certain circumstances and subject to specific requirements, to provide that member with a list of CSGA members.

The specific requirements include a statutory declaration to CSGA which commits the member to limit use of the membership list to: i) influencing the voting of members; ii) requesting a meeting of members, or; iii) any other matter relating to the affairs of the corporation, according to the statement.

Rennick adds that if another member wants this option, they should submit the required declaration form via email to [email protected] in order to receive the membership list. The member would then be authorized to send a message to that list, providing they abide by the restrictions in the declaration, he says.

“With less than two weeks remaining before voting ends, we encourage you to inform yourselves, to join the online amalgamation discussion and to vote,” Rennick said in the statement.

CSGA members will continue to vote up to and including Aug. 27, when the results of the merger vote will be announced by the Seed Synergy partners.

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